You’ve invested a lot of money into your home in Newport or Emerald Isle, and you need to protect it. Having home insurance is more than just smart, it could prevent you from losing everything that you’ve worked so hard for. Your homeowners’ insurance covers not only your home, but it also covers your belongings inside, such as your bedroom set, living room furniture and more. Not only that but it also usually includes liability coverage as well for injuries and property damage caused by you to others.

Home Insurance in New Bern, Emerald Isle, Jacksonville, Havelock, Newport, and BeaufortHome Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Regardless of whether you live in Havelock, Emerald Isle or any other part of North Carolina, homeowners insurance is one of the most important insurance policies you could ever own. It’s important to understand that no two homeowners’ insurance policies are created equal though. Different insurance companies offer different levels of coverage, different endorsements, and riders, and have different conditions and limitations. Whether you own or rent, insuring the place you call home can help protect you financially if you suffer a loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, or other covered events. It will also cover you in the event someone is injured while on your property and wins a legal judgment against you.

Homeowners’ insurance policies differ by which losses are covered, which coverages you choose, and what type of residence you own. You choose which policy is best for you, whether it’s a comprehensive policy that covers losses such as fire, hail, smoke, falling objects, vandalism and theft of personal property, or whether it’s a policy that covers only specified losses.

Common Coverages You Find in Home Insurance

There are several aspects to your home insurance policy that you should know about. These are fairly common so its good to be aware of what they are and how they affect what is covered in your policy. First of these items include the house itself, usually referred to as the dwelling. This dwelling coverage is for replacement of the house itself, not the contents of the house. The second item is covered under other structures. These are significant structures that are not attached to the house, such as a detached garage, sheds, sidewalks, driveways, fences and more. Next is your personal property, which includes the furniture, clothing, appliances and more that you use and have in your house. Give your Sound Choice Insurance agent a call today and get your home insured before its too late.