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Boat Winterizing Tips

Oct 16 2017

It's about time to hang up the boat keys and call it a year for boating season. As much as we would like to stay in the water year-round, the chilly weather is on it's way, which means winterizing our boats is a must. Today, we want to share a few tips on storing your boat for winter: ..


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What you need to know

Oct 09 2017

October marks the beginning of many things: fall begins, cooler weather makes an appearance, and many people begin preparing for the holiday season. However, October is also the official month focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness. ..


NC Seafood Festival

Oct 02 2017

We're a week away from the 31st Annual NC Seafood Festival, located right here in Morehead City! We are thrilled to be able to walk out of our front door to enjoy one of North Carolina's biggest seafood festivals of the year. From October 6 through October 8, the waterfront will highlight an endless variety of seafood, street dances, concerts, arts/crafts, boat shows, educational exhibits, road races, hands-on programs for kids, rides/game and much more. Saturday night, fireworks will light up the sky to be enjoyed by festival goers and neighbors of Morehead City. ..


Think Ahead with a Hurricane Preparedness Kit

Sep 25 2017

It's no secret that we're in the midst of an intense hurricane season. Large-scale storms have attacked the United States and islands surrounding it over the past few weeks, leaving residents in emergency situations. In the event that a hurricane (or remnants from a 'cane) hit the Crystal Coast, we want to equip you with what to include in an emergency hurricane preparedness kit: ..


Healthy Choices for Back-to-School

Sep 18 2017

We are finally back in the full swing of school! Whether you're a teacher, coach, parent or student, it is important to keep your health at the forefront of your priorities no matter how busy you may be. Your physical and mental health should be a priority if you want to maintain a productive and successful year in the classroom. Below are a few tips to consider if you or your children want to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the school year: ..


Fitness Tips for Cooler Weather

Sep 11 2017

Although it is still technically considered "boating weather" here in eastern NC, our thermometers have dropped a few degrees since last month. If you are accustomed to sweating it out in the great outdoors, it may be time to reconsider ways to keep warm rather than keep cool during your morning, mid-day or evening sweat sessions. ..


Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

Sep 05 2017

The week after Labor Day weekend is a short one, but also signifies the end of summer. While some do not want to see summer go, fall will bring cooler weather and fun activities for the whole family. It's important to take care of your valuable belongings as the seasons change - we want to highlight a few tips to maintain your home during the autumn.  ..


Labor Day Weekend Activities

Aug 28 2017

Labor Day weekend is a few days away, and we are very excited to spend time with friends and family here on the Crystal Coast! Labor Day - the first Monday in September - is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers and how they support the strength and prosperity of our country. Labor Day is considered a legal holiday and serves as a day to reflect on the hardworking folks in the United States.  ..


Back-to-School Insurance Checklist

Aug 21 2017

It's that time of year when our kids are getting ready to go back to school, preparing for nightly homework assignments, prepping for extra curricular activities and training to make their favorite sports team. There are many lists that are made during this time, whether it's supplies needed for school or a list of goals for the year. However, many people overlook the importance of making sure your insurance needs are satisfied. Below is a list of things to consider when thinking about back-to-school and insurance:\ ..


August Events: Carteret County Edition

Aug 14 2017

We're right in the heat of August – we know – we can’t believe it either! As we prepare for our kids to go back to school, spend out weekends in the sand, and enjoy time with family and friends at cookouts, we want to equip you with some upcoming events to attend the rest of this month here on the Crystal Coast: ..