Emerald Isle is a very popular tourist town, but several thousand call it home year-round. While we would like to think that everything will be fine, we all know that isn’t the case. In order to protect yourself, you need to have the right insurance policies in place. Home insurance, yacht insurance, auto insurance, flood insurance and more can to talked about with your Sound Choice Insurance agent who will help you understand what policies you might want and what they cover.

Boat and Yacht Insurance in Emerald Isle

You have a yacht because you enjoy being on the water, and Sound Choice Insurance can help make your time on the water relaxed and worry-free with boat insurance. We will find you comprehensive insurance protection that protects you, your friends, family, your watercraft, and your boating equipment. Your agent can help determine what coverages you need based on how you use your boat, where you take your boat and more.

Car Insurance

Just like your boat, your vehicles need insurance coverage. No two insurance contracts are the same, and while two policies side-by-side might look the same, the fine print behind the cover page can vary drastically from company to company. A chat with your Sound Choice Insurance agent will reveal just what kind of coverage you need, and because they shop around, you’ll get the best price as well.

Flood Insurance for Emerald Isle Homeowners

Flood insurance can be confusing. Do you need it? Maybe, it depends. Doesn’t my home insurance cover it? No, it doesn’t. Your mortgage company might require you to have it, in which case you must have it, but not all mortgage companies will require you to have it, and if you don’t have a mortgage any longer, you are not required to have flood insurance. Your Sound Choice Insurance agent will answer all of your questions and ensure that you have the right level of coverage.

Condominium Insurance in Emerald Isle, North Carolina

While the common areas of the condominium are covered by a policy, your personal condo still needs to have a condominium insurance policy, just like a regular home needs a home insurance policy. Homeowners insurance policies differ by which losses are covered, which coverages you choose, and what type of residence you own. There are several common coverages, but there are also some additional coverages that might be worthwhile depending on your circumstances. Talk with your Sound Choice Insurance agent to explain all the options and help you decide on the right coverage.

Homeowner's Insurance in Emerald Isle, NC

In 1951, seven individuals purchased the 12-mile stretch of island for $350,000 that today makes up Emerald Isle. Emerald Isle was sliced into 54 blocks of 1,000 feet, each going from ocean to sound. The partners drew from a hat for the ownership of blocks. Because they wanted Emerald Isle to be family-oriented, the owners limited commercial development and mobile homes to five blocks each. Today, Emerald Isle is a popular vacation spot for families and is also known for excellent fishing and a wealth of marine life.