Does this describe you? You have a business in Newport and things are going well. Your customers like what you do, and they help to spread the word. You want to keep things going in the right direction, and one of the ways to help ensure things keep rolling is to have the right insurance in place for your business. Business or commercial insurance, liability insurance, and commercial auto insurance are worth the small expense to keep your business operating.

Business Insurance and Commercial Insurance in Newport

As a small business owner, you deal with a lot of things every day to keep your business running. Insurance is just another thing that is important, but it takes time. One option for business insurance for small businesses is a business owners policy. This business insurance is actually a package of insurances that cover all of the items that most business owners need. This might be a great option for you to ensure that your business is covered should bad things happen.

Commercial insurance includes general liability insurance for your business, but it also encompasses much more. It could include commercial vehicle insurance, possibly property insurance, or umbrella coverage, or one of several other options. Talking with your Sound Choice Insurance agent will help answer your questions of what you may or may not need, and they will get you the best price for the policies you need.

Auto Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Small Business Insurance in Newport, NC

General liability insurance is the basic level of protection that your business should have. But what else should be looking at? Maybe you have a building that you own, or vehicles that are part of your business. Or perhaps you just want more peace of mind with an umbrella policy, including liability insurance. Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, just like your business is not the same as any other business. You need to protect your business, but you also don’t want to have things that don’t help. Speak with your Sound Choice Insurance agent to learn more.

Small Business Insurance in Newport, NC

Newport was the location of the Newport Barracks, a Union camp during the American Civil War. The community is also the site of numerous Civil War battlefields, forts, and strategic locations. Newport was occupied by Union forces for much of the war. In 1858, the Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad was completed when the final 96-mile stretch of rail from Goldsboro through Newport to Beaufort was laid.