Living in and around Atlantic Beach is a dream come true for many people. Great weather, miles of beaches and a beautiful ocean for amazing sunrises and sunsets. But even in such an idyllic location, not everything goes as planned. That is when you need insurance to help protect the things you have invested in: your home or condo, vehicles, boats and more. Sound Choice Insurance will help to make sure you have the best car insurance, home insurance, flood insurance policies and more at the best prices to cover all of your investments.

Home Insurance in Atlantic Beach

Home insurance is a practical necessity for any homeowner, whether that’s a free-standing home or a townhouse or condo. Homeowners insurance and condominium insurance is important to protect the dwelling as well as the contents inside of the home. The last thing you want to come home to is a break-in where many of your belongings have been stolen and no way to recoup those items. Insurance provides you with relief when bad things happen within your home.

Flood Insurance

Did you know that your homeowners or condominium insurance does not cover flooding? You will need to have a separate policy to protect you from flooding and restore your belongings. This is not expensive insurance, but not having it could be very costly. Talk with your Sound Choice Insurance agent to find out just how affordable flood insurance can be.

Car, Boat, and Yacht Insurance in Atlantic Beach, NC

You protect your home, you protect the belongings inside of your home, but have you protected your boat or yacht? While this kind of insurance isn’t mandatory, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. Boat insurance or yacht insurance isn’t just for the protection of the boat, but also for those who enjoy it with you.

Just like your home and your boat, having insurance policies on your vehicles is the smart move, and in this case a required move. Because there are many options to your car insurance, it’s best to go over those options with your Sound Choice Insurance agent to be sure you have the best coverage for the least cost. Finding the most affordable car insurance in Atlantic Beach, NC, is easy when you make a ‘Sound Choice’.

Home and Car Insurance in Atlantic Beach, NC

Atlantic Beach is located on the eastern portion of Bogue Banks, a barrier island on the Atlantic coast. Atlantic Beach, NC, is known not only for its beaches and sparkling water, but also for its rich history and culture. Atlantic Beach is home to Fort Macon, a popular state park and Civil War Fort, which draws thousands of visitors each year and Queen Anne’s Revenge, the famous pirate flag ship of Blackbeard. Visitors can tour the old fort, take hikes, go fishing, swimming or lounge on the nearby beach and more.