Summers are great in Emerald Isle for business. Lots of tourists come to enjoy the beaches, ocean, and great weather. Business insurance, liability insurance, commercial insurance and more helps to ensure that those sunny days don’t turn into overcast clouds. You know you need to have insurance in place, and Sound Choice Insurance helps to make things clear and affordable. Give them a call today to find out the right coverages for you and your business.

Business Insurance Package Or Separate Commercial Insurance Plans

Sound Choice Insurance understands that spending a lot of time trying to figure out what insurance you need is the last thing you want to do. That’s why they offer a business insurance package for small businesses that addresses the most common coverages that businesses need, such as general liability insurance and professional liability. This makes getting insurance for your business easy and affordable, and allows you to focus on your business instead of other things.

You may find that you prefer to get your commercial insurance policies separately so that they are better tailored for your business. Working with your Sound Choice Insurance agent to understand your business better will allow your agent to offer appropriate policies that will help protect your business and to be confident that you are covered while you work hard to build your business.

Small Business Insurance and Auto Insurance in Emerald Isle, NC

Perhaps the best advice regarding the need for insurance is to not underestimate your risk. Don’t think that because you are in a certain type of business that you won’t experience things that might halt your business. What one business has for insurance may not be appropriate for your business. For example, if you are a plumber, you may work on new construction as well as remodels and other projects. You may benefit from several different commercial insurance policies that aren’t important for a lawyer, who would have a suite of insurance policies that are different and more appropriate for them. Speak with your Sound Choice Insurance agent to learn more.

Business owners should also consider their need for auto insurance. If you require coverage for cars, vans, or other fleet vehicles, you’ll need a special type of car insurance called commercial auto insurance. Sound Choice Insurance is ready to help you determine what types of insurance you need to stay protected.

Commercial Insurance in Emerald Isle, NC

In 1951, seven individuals purchased the 12-mile stretch of island for $350,000 that today makes up Emerald Isle. Emerald Isle was sliced into 54 blocks of 1,000 feet, each going from ocean to sound. The partners drew from a hat for the ownership of blocks. Because they wanted Emerald Isle to be family-oriented, the owners limited commercial development and mobile homes to five blocks each. Today, Emerald Isle is a popular vacation spot for families and is also known for excellent fishing and a wealth of marine life.